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About Us

Sparron Vitrified is one of the leading tile manufacturer companies with a highly advanced and technological state-of-the-art. We time and again bring innovation in our creations. At Sparron we believe Quality is the first and foremost element of importance for any manufacturer. With the new ceramic tiles collection, Sparron experiments with sizes and aesthetics to offer a range of ceramic floor and wall tiles boasting the most exclusive designs. Areas of great depth are created, where formal and elegant elements take center stage. The sensation of calmness is presented throughout and natural designs are key to achieving and area which is totally integrated

Our Values



Quality at Sparron means quality of product, environmental sustainability and respect for workers’ safety, priorities that have enabled the firm to certify its systems and products. For Sparron, loving ceramics has always meant respecting the environment, in the sense of the human and natural landscape.


Echo Friendly

Sparron is a standard-bearer for eco-sustainable industry and has helped to make ceramic tile production a closed-cycle process. Throughout the entire process, Sparron has developed a system for the collection and reuse of reject output, process wastewater and the raw materials it contains, and the heat generated in a number of phases



Tunnel kilns in the ’50s, single-firing in the ’70s and glazing on an incandescent substrate in the ’80s are just some of the revolutions that have shaped a success story based on continuous research and development. The company’s expertise, low environmental impact and protection of people and the local area make Sparron an international point of reference.

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